Written and directed by Poya Manouchehri and Borna Safai | Watch Part 2 of Revival

Film by Armin Awan | Tutulia

Written and directed by Poya Manouchehri and Borna Safai | Revival – The Movie

Directed by Steve Failows | Chelsea Lyne Heins

Film by Laheeb Quddusi

Directed By Justin Sarno | Dawnbreaker Collective

Introduce democracy and you will solve a nation’s problems, right? If only it were that simple. “By the people for the people” sounds attractive in theory, but its current application is increasingly perplexing analysts, politicians and ordinary citizens all over the world.

Award-winning filmmakers Leyla and Ryan Haidarian make a case for an evolution in the democratic notion. Beyond King of the Mountain unpacks some of the current challenges many democratic systems are facing and specifically proposes that their future may lie in a win/win, non-adversarial paradigm.

Produced/Directed/Edited by Leyla + Ryan Haidarian | Full Credits List | Study Guide


Film by Rayan Zahrai | Intensify 09

Written and Directed by Behnam Farvardin | Dawn Breakers International Film Festival

The Office spoof written by Laheeb Quddusi and Ashkon Ataee

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Computer Animation by Mark Davies | Architecture by Siamak Hariri | Chile Temple

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Dawnbreaker Collective

Film by DESYFR.

Film by Hilda Hashempour | doubletake.tv

Written, Produced and Directed by Justin Baldoni | “Armed” by Devon Gundry

Film by Matti Beramsingh | Doubletake.tv

Produced by Swedish Baha’i youth in collaboration with The Moving Pictures

Produced by The Moving Pictures