Can You Solve This?

Film by Nadji Hedjazi and Ajang Farid | Written by junior youth in Budapest

Animation by Max Parovsky | The People With No Camel

Art and Animation by Lisa Blecker

Film by the KAFA group with Nadji Hedjazi and Ajang Farid

Film by Golriz Lucina and Devon Gundry |

“Dr. Elham” is the story of Elham Milani, a medical student from Iran. Barred from studying in her own country, Elham enrolls at a South African university. She travels to Johannesburg to take her finals, leaving everything she knows behind. But from the moment she arrives, Elham faces one surprise after another, wondering if her past will eventually catch up with her…

Produced by Ryan & Leyla Haidarian | Watch more episodes of Dr. Elham

Film by Sadiq | Lyrics on Youtube

Film by Behnood Dadfar

Written and directed by Poya Manouchehri and Borna Safai | Watch Part 2 of Revival